Mark Milke

Mark Milke, Ph.D. is an author, columnist, policy analyst, keynote speaker, and columnist with five books and dozens of studies published across Canada and internationally in the last two decades. Mark’s ongoing policy work has been published by think tanks in Canada, the United States and Europe including the Fraser Institute, the American Enterprise Institute and Brussels-based Centre for European Studies.


Mark’s newest book is Ralph vs. Rachel: A tale of two Alberta premiers. He is also completing another book, The Victim Cult: How the grievance culture hurts everyone, to be released in 2019.  His website is


Mark is president of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Calgary and a past President of Civitas—a Society for Ideas. His doctoral dissertation analyzed the rhetoric of anti-Americanism in Canada while his Master's thesis chronicled the double standard on human rights in East Asia. Mark lives in Calgary and is an active hiker, skier and runner with an interest in architecture, photography, cities, and history.